Sandy Creek Park

Hiking Trails
Bring your hiking boots or tennis shoes to Sandy Creek Park and spend some time accessing over 10 miles of trails.  Our trails are laid out over easy to moderate terrain and good for hikers and walkers of all ages and abilities.  We have 3 different trails, each with its own trail-head and clearly marked throughout. For assistance with any of our trails, please call 706-613-3631.

Lakeside Trail
This trail follows the shore of Lake Chapman, including the new Ellen R. Jordan bridge over Sandy Creek. Hikers may return to their origin by following the paved roadways back. This trail is of moderate difficulty and takes approximately 3 hours to complete. White blazes.
    Trail-heads: The first trailhead is at the boat ramp parking lot located off Beech Tree Drive  A second trailhead is located off Campsite Drive on the left near the dam, park in the parking lot above and walk down to meet the trail-head.
photo courtesy of Dagmar Nelson
Buckeye Horse Trail
This trail is cut large enough for multiple horses and riders to enjoy over four miles of trail that heads northward throughout the park and its property.  This trail does not loop, so you MUST return the same way. Blue blazes.
    Trail-head: Located off Campsite Drive directly across the street of the first parking lot.  Trail-head is to the left of the Cook's Trail trail-head.  Please park all horse vehicles and trailers in the grassy areas.

Cook's Trail
This trail is part of the Athens Greenway and Riverside Parks system, and runs creek-side through woods, over boardwalks and bare mineral soil for over four miles, ending at Sandy Creek Nature Center.  Return transportation from the Sandy Creek Nature Center back to Sandy Creek Park is not provided.  You MUST either walk back the same way or provide your own way back to Sandy Creek Park.
    Trail-head: Located off Campsite Drive directly across the street of the first parking lot.  Trail-head is to the right of the Buckeye Horse Trail trail-head.