Athens-Clarke County Library Board

MEMBERS: 15 + 1 appointed by City of Winterville

TERM:        5 years


WHEN:         Second Tuesday - quarterly (Jan, Apr, Jul and Oct)

WHERE:       Athens-Clarke County Library Boardroom

TIME:            4:00 p.m.

AVERAGE LENGTH: 1 1/2 hours


WHEN:         As needed. Committee meetings are posted in advance and scheduled by 
                    the Committee Chairman as well.

WHERE:       Usually in Athens-Clarke County Library Boardroom

TIME:            Determined at time of call


MAJOR DUTIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: (Trustee Job Description from the 1996 edition of the Georgia Public Library Trustees Handbook)

The issues and decisions involved in the administration of the modern public library are varied and complex. Trusteeship is not only an honorary position; it is also a working relationship with the community, library staff, and fellow trustees.

Trustees must devote a great deal of time and express a high level of interest to fulfill their duties. Commitment is the primary qualification for those who serve on the board.

Effective boards consist of informed, dedicated citizens who represent a cross-section of the community. There is a direct correlation between the quality of library service a community is provided and the knowledge, capability, and enthusiasm of its board members.


Effective trustees are citizens who have the following characteristics:

  • Readiness to devote time and effort to learning about the library in addition to carrying out the duties, responsibilities, and authority of trusteeship. 
  • Recognition of the importance of the library as a center of information, culture, recreation, and life-long learning in the community.
  • Willingness to become knowledgeable in areas of librarianship that include standards, trends, and new developments. 
  • Rapport with the community, including a concerned awareness of diverse social and economic conditions, needs, and interests of all segments of the public. 
  • Initiative and ability to plan creatively, to establish policies for effective operation of the library, and to withstand pressures and prejudices when providing impartial service to the patrons. 
  • An open mind, intellectual curiosity, respect for the opinions of others, and the ability to work cooperatively with others. 
  • Sound judgment, a sense of fiscal responsibility, legal understanding, and political awareness. 
  • Verbal and written communication skills, the ability to relate to the public, and the availability to represent the library at public functions and meetings. 
  • Willingness to participate with local, state, and national library leaders and trustees to improve library service on all levels. 
  • Experience with and knowledge of fundraising, particularly with major campaigns, special events, direct mail. Willingness to undertake one aspect of campaign (committee chair, section leader to contact specific donors directly). 

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