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How do YOU feel about
Public ART in Athens?

Thursday, April 21st, 5 - 8pm
Lyndon House Arts Center
Come see stage one of the plan, hear Urban Planner Todd Bressi discuss it, and provide input on how we can make it even better!

Meet visiting artist, Wing Young Huie!

The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission is working with urban designer Todd Bressi to create a comprehensive, long term Public Art Master Plan for Athens-Clarke County. As part of the Master Plan process, we'd like to hear views from the community and get your opinion on how public art can best be utilized throughout Athens. Come see the drawings, hear Urban Planner Todd Bressi discuss them, and tell us how we can make it even better!

The event will include the participation of visiting artist Wing Young Huie.

As the ACAC nears the end of the master plan process, commission members hope that the open house will offer one more opportunity to gather public input on what citizens’ hopes are for public art in Athens moving forward. Consultant Todd Bressi, who is leading development of the plan, will deliver a short presentation recapping the ongoing project. Visiting artist Wing Young Huie will host a “Chalk Talk” to engage attendees and generate photographs for an upcoming art installation. “We hope having Wing Young Huie at the event, engaging with attendees, will shed more light on the kinds of public art projects that the ACAC might consider supporting in the future: artist-initiated, community-engaged projects that explore social issues and forge connections between diverse communities,” said ACAC chair Marc Beechuck.

Huie, a photographer from Minneapolis, will be the third artist in residence to visit Athens as part of the master plan process. Last year, artists Seitu Jones and Matthew Mazzotta each visited the city, collaborating with ACAC volunteers and local artists to organize public engagement projects and collect community feedback to generate recommendations that will inform the final plan document.
Huie will visit Athens April 14 through 21, and is developing a public art project in collaboration with Lyndon House curator Didi Dunphy. The photographer creates work to document socioeconomic and cultural realities of American society. His assignment in Athens will include hosting a series of “Chalk Talks” around the city, in which participants engage each other using a series of open-ended questions and reflections written on a chalkboard, which the artist then documents through photographs. The finished product of this project will go on display at a local venue in late summer 2016.

The Open House event is free and open to the public, and is sponsored by the Athens Cultural Affairs Commission. For more information on this event email or visit 
More About the Visiting Artist
Wing Young Huie’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and his most well-known projects are large-scale public installations, including Frogtown (1995), Lake Street USA (2000) and The University Avenue Project (2010), which transformed major thoroughfares in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota into epic photo galleries, reflecting the everyday lives of thousands of citizens. More recently, he served as artist in residence to the Penn Avenue North Small Area Plan, as part of Minneapolis’ Creative Citymaking initiative. More information about the artist and his ongoing projects can be found at 

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Third Annual Arts in Community Grants (AICG)
The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission invites artists, local organizations and groups to apply for the Arts in Community Grant (AICG).

Grants will be awarded based on particular criteria, including:
  • level of community enrichment through the arts
  • contribution to the local identify, and 
  • quality or artistic merit
Projects may involve any art form, including performance, events, technology, and all the visual arts. Grant funds may be used as matching funds for a greater project.

In 2016 ACAC will award two grants of $1,500 each. Application deadline is Friday, February 26, 11:59 p.m., with no consideration for late submissions. Grantees will be notified by March 15 and funds will be released by April 22, 2016. All awarded works must be completed by December 30, 2016. A final report will be requested at the completion of the project.

For more information and to request an application, email
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    The ACAC has been established to advise the Athens Clarke County Unified Government on cultural affairs and aesthetic development of the built environment in accordance with provisions of planning, programming, procurement, installation, operation, and maintenance of public art projects and artworks. 
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