Maintenance Mechanic

You put your key in the car ignition, turn the key, and nothing happens. What do you do? After trying to diagnose the problem yourself, you may decide to call in a mechanic. What does a water reclamation facility do if a pump, lift station, or motor stops working? The same as you do with your car. We turn to a mechanic.

Wastewater influent does not stop flowing or slow its pace because the equipment at a facility fails. With the capacity for 28 million gallons of wastewater to flow through the facilities every day, it is imperative a repair is done quickly by people with experience troubleshooting and correcting failing parts. Athens-Clarke County employees a crew of on-site mechanics to come to the rescue should a part of the system malfunction. They are able to perform carpentry, welding, and plumbing work as needed. They can repair, rebuild, or replace motors, pumps, boilers, gear boxes, and belts. They get the system on track to ensure the water discharged from our facilities has been reclaimed and refreshed in spite of any breakdown along the way.

Our mechanics also provide preventive maintenance to protect against problems before they happen. This is not an easy task. Our water reclamation components are in constant contact with the corrosive elements of water and the wastes within. For example, hydrogen sulfide, which is usually present in wastewater, can cause corrosion problems. Rake arms, weirs, skimmers, and even the concrete clarifiers can show signs of deterioration after contact with this and other contaminants. Bill, Clarence, Daniel, James, Tim, & Tommy inspect the systems for signs of trouble on a daily basis. They clean and grease pumps, clean wet wells, and change filters to prevent corrosion or regular wear and tear from taking a toll on equipment. All of this is done to ensure the water discharged from our facilities meets strict quality standards.

Thank you to this team of hardworking maintenance mechanics. You keep our facilities running smoothly, which in turn improves our quality of life. You are our unsung heroes.
Douglas Lumpkin, Main Man MO_thumb_thumb.JPG James Skelton, Main Man MO_thumb_thumb.JPG Tommy Bolton, CC Main Man_thumb_thumb.jpg
Bill Lumpkin
Middle Oconee
James Skelton
Middle Oconee
Tommy Bolton
Cedar Creek
Clarence Burgess, NO Main Man (2)_thumb_thumb.JPG
Clarence Burgess
North Oconee
Daniel Echols, NO Main Man_thumb_thumb.JPG
Daniel Echols
North Oconee
Tim Thompson, NO Main Man_thumb_thumb.JPG
Tim Thompson
North Oconee

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