Sandy Creek Park Improvements

The Leisure Services Department is currently planning several improvements for Sandy Creek Park. These improvements are split into 5 phases.

Phase 1:
Beechtree Drive and Campsite Drive will be repaved, while Sandy Park Drive will be crack sealed to preserve the life of the asphalt.

Phase 2:
New fishing piers will be installed around the lake. Fishing pier locations were determined after public surveys were conducted.

Phase 3:
Trash cans and picnic tables will be redistributed an replaced as needed.

Phase 4:
This phase consists of the rehabilitation of the existing dog parks, including new fencing, gates, entry pads, benches, trash cans, and other amenities.

Phase 5:
Includes the upgrade, rehabilitation, and improved wayfinding of the existing Lakeside Trail at Lake Chapman.

Construction of each phase will be completed in order, and this page will be updated as further information is available.

Status: Design Development
Target Completion Date: 2017
Location: 400 Bob Holman Rd, Athens, GA

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