Aurora, an installation by Zane Cochran

Reception: September 7, 6-8 pm
On view: August 19 - October 13, 2017

Artist Gallery Talk: Saturday, October 7, 2 pm
Catalog available.

In conjunction with The Game Show, this commissioned installation by Zane Cochran includes 40 suspended structures that begin to glow and fade as visitors explore the gallery. The multifaceted structures, which draw inspiration from the Northern Lights, are generated from a computer algorithm created by the artist that inspire both the shape and coloration of the interactive lights. 

Known for his interactive installations, Zane Cochran pushes the boundaries of technology and art. His immersive digitally-augmented environments, such at the BitDome and Scatterfield, envelope visitors as they step into worlds scattered with sensors and lights, allowing each person to create their own reality. Presently, Cochran has focused these interactive experiences to an even more personal medium: wearable technology. From practical artifacts such as wristbands that track doctor’s hand sanitizing practices to the impractical like clothes that absorb colors from their surroundings, he continues to develop technologies that explore hyper-customization and configuration. His work has been widely exhibited as it continues to blur the lines between art and technology.

As founder of HackBerry Lab, an innovation and prototyping space at Berry College, Cochran leads a number of students developing a diverse range of technologies including interactive furniture and wearable sensors for horses. He is currently a visiting instructor of Creative Technology at Berry College and a PhD student at Georgia Tech where his research focuses on merging makerspace-inspired tools and technologies with traditional classrooms. 

For more information, please call 706 613 3623
Aurora (detail) by Zane Cochran

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