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North Oconee River Park Bridge Replacement -- Complete
Facility 513 | Updated: 10:30 AM, November 3, 2017 | Posted: 8:00 AM, July 18, 2017
Photo of the completed abutments for the replacement pedestrian bridge at North Oconee River Park.Work to replace the pedestrian bridge in North Oconee River Park began July 27th with removal of the original structure and construction of new abutments (pictured right).  This week, Park Services crews completed the project with the installation of the new 30-foot long, 6-foot wide fiberglass structure.

August Update
Bridge and boardwalk inspections in 2016 noted that the embankments of the spanned culvert were eroding and had exposed the limited sill-plate foundations for the structure leaving it vulnerable to collapse.

Over the next month as the approximately 11 tons of concrete cure, engineers will test concrete samples to ensure that the concrete performs as designed. In the meantime, Leisure Services staff are working with ACC's Purchasing division to acquire the replacement bridge which we hope to install in October.

During the bridge outage, pedestrians can still access all of North Oconee River Park by using the sidewalks along WIllow Street to cross the drainage culvert spanned by the bridge. Unfortunately, due to the steep grades and narrow paths entering the North end of the park from Willow Street, landscape crews will be unable to maintain this section of the park until the bridge replacement is complete.

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