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Memorial Park


  1. Animal exhibits
  2. Basketball court
  3. Children's programs
  4. Fishing
  5. Grills
  6. Nature trails
  7. Picnic Areas
  8. Playground
  9. Public Dog Park
  10. Rental Opportunities
  11. Summer camp
  12. Swimming pool
Memorial Park is one of the most popular locations for families to visit. Nestled in the Five Points neighborhood, the park boasts a swimming pool, the Birchmore Trail, a lake, and Bear Hollow Zoo. Additionally, the 72-acre park is the home of Athens Creative Theatre.

Please use the links below to navigate the various programs and amenities offered at Memorial Park.  Beyond those listed, we also have two basketball courts available to the public, fishingopportunities in the Memorial Park pond, and a playground.   Please note that parking is limited during the peak season and special events; we encourage carpooling, cycling, walking, andAthens Transit (Route 14).

Upcoming Programs & Events:

memorial Park pool

dog walks

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Forebay Project

The Forebay Project is now complete!  This project was intended to help water flow from nearby streams into the Memorial Park pond.  Over time, we expect for water quality to improve, thereby increasing the health and aesthetics of the pond and the wildlife that depend on it.  

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