How is Athens-Clarke County eligible to have a separate county wide TSPLOST?
New legislation (O.C.G.A. 48-8-261) allows counties that are not in a “Special District” (jurisdictions that already have a MARTA tax) or that is not defined as a “metropolitan county special district” may impose for a limited period of time a transportation special purpose local option sales and use tax (TSPLOST), the proceeds of which shall be used only for transportation purposes.

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1. What is a TSPLOST?
2. What sales tax is currently being collected in Athens-Clarke County? Does the law allow for an additional tax?
3. How is Athens-Clarke County eligible to have a separate county wide TSPLOST?
4. When can the TSPLOST be voted upon tax be implemented and when would collections start?
5. Is there a maximum tax rate?
6. How much money will be raised with a sales tax?
7. How long will the T-SPLOST last?
8. Can the tax be renewed at the end of the five (5) year period?
9. How can the money be spent?
10. Does the tax cause GDOT to give less money to Athens-Clarke County?
11. Does the Georgia Code require that we spend money in a certain manner?
12. How are funds to be distributed and how are projects to be selected?
13. Is there Project Criteria?
14. Does the law address the project selection process?
15. What details should be in final T-SPLOST Intergovernmental Agreement?
16. What does the ballot question look like in Athens-Clarke County?
17. Will all the monies go to actual projects?
18. Are there items that are exempt from taxation?
19. What is the Athens-Clarke County TSPLOST timeline?
20. I want to request a section of sidewalk as a TSPLOST Project. Do I need to do a Project Request Submission Form? If not how can I request a section to be added to an overall sidewalk project request?