Tag Renewals

Car tags can be renewed in the office, on-line at DOR Online Tag Renewal, by phone 1-877-496-0249 or by mail.

Payments received after the due date (birthday of primary owner) will be assessed a late fee equal to 25% of the tag fee plus 10% of the tax. Pre-bills are sent as a courtesy, failure to receive your pre-bill does not negate your responsibility to renew by your birthday.

Motor vehicle owners and lessees in this state are required to maintain Georgia continuous liability insurance coverage on their vehicle(s) to: 1) legally drive the vehicle(s); 2) register and obtain Georgia license plates (tags); and, 3) renew, replace, or transfer existing Georgia license plates (tags).

Payments through the web and by phone require a RIN (renewal identification number). This number can be found on the renewal notice above Clarke County’s renewal information or online at DOR Online Tag Renewal.
  1. Online Renewals
  2. Renewals in the Office
  3. Check Payment Information
Effective 9/24/15 vehicle owners can query online for their RIN!  RIN Retrieval will allow customers, who do not have immediate access to their Renewal Identification Number (RIN), to query on the website for this information. Once retrieved, the RIN will automatically populate into the renewal program to continue with the renewal process. Having the RIN will also allow you to see your current amount due. This service can be accessed at online vehicle registration renewals or the DOR website, select Motor Vehicles then Tag Renewals (under Online Services). 

You will need to enter information in four fields: 1) Tag / License Plate Number, 2) Last Name or Business Name, 3) registered street address, and 4) zip code. To succeed in obtaining your RIN, all four fields must have information entered and the entries must match the information on file with the Tag Office.

Payment types accepted online and by phone are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express, & E-checks. A 2.35% service fee will be added to payments made by credit card ($1 minimum fee), a $2.00 service fee will be added to payments made by debit card, and a $1.95 service fee will be added to transactions paid by E-check.

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