Account Changes

Has your mailing address changed?
Email with your account number and new mailing address.

Has the amount of your stormwater utility fee changed?

For questions about a change to your stormwater utility fee, please visit the Stormwater Billing Update section.

Have you sold or purchased property in Athens-Clarke County?
If you have sold or purchased property, the closing attorney generates a Property Transfer form (PT-61) that is filed with the deed for the change of ownership.  The closing attorney has 90 days to file this paperwork.  The state receives the paperwork and sends it out to the stormwater utility, the Tax Assessor, and any other parties who subscribe to the forms. Once the stormwater utility receives notification of the transfer, Billing Staff will close the account under the old owner's name and begin an account in the new owner's name. A prorated final bill (based on the closing date) will be mailed to the old owner, and a prorated first bill will be mailed to the new owner with the next billing cycle.

Do you think your stormwater utility bill is calculated incorrectly?
Please complete the Adjustment Review Request and email it to You can also mail the form to:
Public Works - Stormwater
PO Box 1868
Athens, GA  30603

Or bring it to the Stormwater Billing office between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, at:
120 W. Dougherty St.
Athens, Ga. 30601

For more information, contact Stormwater Billing at 706-613-3440 ext 301 or ext 383.

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