Project 4: Solid Waste Facility Relocation

Project Description

The Project created facility structures and features to allow the consolidation of all Solid Waste Administration Staff and operations into a single facility location. The project included two buildings, one of approximately 5,000 square feet of administration space, and a second building of approximately 13,000 square feet providing crew space, tool and tire storage, vehicle maintenance, shop office, truck wash, and warehouse type storage space. The Project also included parking space for 60 personnel and visitor vehicles, and 38 solid waste collection vehicles and equipment.

Project Details

  • Project Sponsor: Solid Waste
  • Type: Facilities
  • Project Manager: Keith Sanders

Status: August 31, 2012

  • The new facility is located on Hancock Industrial Road. The construction was completed and the facility became operational in January 2010. The completed facilities were awarded a LEED Gold Certification for the efficient energy and environmental compliance design and construction features.
  • Expended: $3,644,604


Fiscal Period
FY 2007 (Tier 2)$1,352,043
FY 2008 (Tier 3)$2,413,079
FY 2009 (Tier 4)$4,800
Total for this project:

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