Project 16: Police Assigned Vehicle Program

Project Description

The project will complete a SPLOST 2000 program to provide an assigned vehicle for qualified sworn officers employed by the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, and will include the purchase of approximately 25 fully-equipped public safety vehicles for the Uniform and Criminal Investigation Division of the Athens-Clarke County Police Department.

Project Details

  • Project Sponsor: Police Services
  • Type: Vehicles
  • Project Manager: Don Martin

Status: August 31, 2012

  • The program for SPLOST 2005 has been completed. Seventeen (17) Criminal Investigation Division (CID) vehicles and eight (8) marked patrol cars have been purchased and placed into service.


Fiscal Period
FY 2006 (Tier 1)$100,000
FY 2007 (Tier 2)$100,000
FY 2008 (Tier 3)$100,000
FY 2009 (Tier 4)$100,000
FY 2010 (Tier 5)$100,000
FY 2011 (Tier 6)$129,530
Total for this project:

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