Animal-Related Telephone Numbers

Animal Control Numbers

For your convenience, we have provided this listing of animal control problems that may arise and the appropriate agency or department to contact. In any emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Animal Control ProblemNumber
Barking, leash law, and animal neglect violations
  • Animal Control: 706-613-3540
Adoption, surrender or reclaim of dogs or cats
  • Animal Control: 706-613-3540
Animal bite, trapped animal, wildlife in residence, or seriously sick or seriously injured animal (except deer)
  • Animal Control: 706-613-3540
Stray livestock
  • Sheriff's Department: 706-613-3250
Injured deer
  • Police Department: 706-613-3330 or 9-1-1 after hours
Dead animal pick-up
  • Solid Waste (inside city limits): 706-613-3501
  • Traffic Engineering (outside city limits): 706-613-3465
  • Georgia Department of Transportation (state roads): 706-369-5627
Nuisance wildlife
  • Any licensed private animal relocation company

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