Where in the world do our recyclables travel once they leave ACC?

  1. Old News Print (ONP) - we have not been able to market lately (ONP) goes out with mixed paper).
  2. Mixed paper (newspaper, office paper, paperboard, etc. comprises mixed paper) sold to Pratt in Conyers, GA. 
  3. Old Corrugated Containers (OCC) are sold to International Paper in Pine Hill, Alabama. Product: new boxes.
  4. Sorted Office Paper is sold to Cascade Paper, Rockingham, NC. Product: tissue paper/ toilet paper.
  5. Glass is shipped to Strategic Materials, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Product: reused as road base or drainage base.
  6. PET (#1 plastic) is sold to Mohawk Industries located in Summerville, GA. Product: carpet. 
  7. HDPE (#2 plastic both natural and pigmented) is sold to Envision Plastics, Reidsville, NC. Product: recycled resins for milk, juice, and cleaner/detergent bottles and more.
  8. Plastics #3-7 is sold to Greenmine Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia. Product: recycled resin for a variety of new products.
  9. Aluminum beverage cans are marketing to Anheuser-Busch Recycling, St. Louis , MS a scrap metal broker. They eventually make their way to Novelis Corporation in Greensboro, Georgia. Product: aluminum cans.
  10. Steel/Tin cans are sold to Tube City, IMS in Glassport, PA. Product: new steel products. 
  11. Trash items extracted from recyclables go to the ACC Landfill for $42/ton to dispose as trash.