T.V. Camera Inspection

Kenny Stribling, Marty Evans (1)_thumb.JPG
Kenny Stribling & Marty Evans inspect
our sewer lines using T.V. cameras.

The first line of defense in keeping our sewer lines clean and flowing is our T.V. camera inspectors. The T.V. camera trucks are equipped with a closed circuit T.V. camera, which our inspectors, Kenny and Marty, drop down a manhole and remotely maneuver along the pipeline. The purpose of the T.V. camera inspections is to determine the condition of our sewer pipes and discover the location of stoppages and/or breaks in the pipes. Most blockages are due to grease or tree roots. Kenny and Marty precisely measure the location of the break/blockage, so people above ground know exactly where to dig to repair the problem.
Rotor trucks come in behind the T.V. camera inspection trucks. The rotor trucks contain a metal cable, similar to a snake used for indoor plumbing, equipped with cutting bits. These rotate through the sewer line, cutting out the roots, grease deposits, and other hardened materials found in the collection pipes by the T.V. camera. The flusher truck then uses a high pressure hose to spray water into the pipe to dislodge the clogging materials. A vacuum hose on the truck pulls the debris out of the sewer lines to be disposed of properly.

Our sewer crews do both preventive work and respond to known spills. For example, prior to UGA home football games, our crews go to the downtown area and perform a thorough cleaning of the sewer lines before an additional 30,000 football fans begin flushing. The crews collaborate with other organizations (UGA, stormwater, etc.) if sampling from our creeks indicates a possible sewage leak. Kenny and Marty run dye tests to determine the area of the leak. They then send the T.V. camera down to establish the cause of the leak and determine the best action to repair it.
Kenny Stribling, Marty Evans (5) (800x600)_thumb.jpg
This camera rolls through sewer pipes all over the county.
If laid end to end, the 498 miles of sewer pipes would reach Disneyworld.

Kenny and Marty appreciate the uniqueness of their job. Inspecting the sewer lines is always full of surprises. They also know their job makes a difference in our community. Failure to prevent and repair sewage overflows allows raw sewage to flow into our creeks, waters, and soil, harming the environment and creating potential health threats. A big thank you to Kenny, Marty, and everyone on the sewer crews for making Athens-Clarke County a beautiful place to live. You are this month's unsung heroes.

Items found in our sewer collection pipes through T.V. camera inspections
A fast food cup clogging a sewer pipe
grease buildup in a pipe.jpg
A fast food cup will add to the
debris found in large clogs and
lead to sewer overflows.

A grease blockage created by
Fats, Oils,and Grease (FOG)
poured down drains.

tree roots running through a sewer pipe
a screwdriver jammed horizontally in a pipe, creating a blockage
Tree roots creep into pipes at
every opportunity and create

A screwdriver. Really? You never
know what our inspectors will
find in the sewer lines.

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