Park and Facility Closings

Keep up with all the latest news and information about current and upcoming closures and maintenance for Leisure Services. Parks with current notices are listed in the menu at left. This page is updated as information becomes available, so check back often.

James Holland Youth Sports Complex Field 3 Closed
Closure thru July 2018 | Facility 168 | Posted: 12:43 PM 6/21/2018
A SPLOST funded project is excavating a depression forming in the outfield of Field 3.  This project will regrade the entire field upon completion.  

Sandy Creek Park Dog Parks Partially Closed
Facility 233/234/235/236 | Posted: 1:30 PM May 29, 2018
On Tuesday, May 29th, a SPLOST funded improvement project began on Sandy Creek Park's public and private dog parks. Park staff will rotate specific dog park openings and closings over the next few months to allow for continued construction and improvement of these facilities.

Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park Area 1 Open / Area 3 Closed 
Facility 465/467 | Posted: 9:00 AM April 27, 2018
On Friday, April 27, Area 3 at the Southeast Clarke Park Dog Park was closed for rehabilitation as Area 1 reopened. For more information see the Southeast Clarke Park page.

Southeast Clarke Park Trail Partially Closed 
Facility 542 | Posted: 4:00 PM April 26, 2018
On Thursday, April 26, 2018, construction began on new bridge abutments for a bridge to connect the Tennis Center Side to the Whit Davis Side of Southeast Clarke Park. Construction will take place for approximately 6 weeks and the bridge will be installed approximately 3 months afterward, due to ordering and bridge fabrication limitations. For more information and a map of the location, please see the Southeast Clarke Park page.

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