Little Lily Impacts

Parent questionnaires are distributed at both the beginning and end of Little Lily's visit in the classroom to evaluate the impact of her visit. The results help to determine attitudes towards water and identify changes in behavior related to water use. The following are a sampling of responses collected from the school year 2013-14, the time the Little Lily's Pad Hop project was piloted.

(Pre-Questionnaires, n = 61, Response rate: 39%; Post-Questionnaires, n = 39, Response rate: 25%)
Brush Teeth Graph
Brush Teeth Graph
Electricity Graph
WaterSense Program Graph
WaterSense Logo Graph
Why Water Conservation Graph
Prevent Water Conservation Graph
Fantabulous no background WaterSense
Little Lily promotes the EPA's WaterSense program. Products bearing the WaterSense label perform as well or better than less water efficient products, resulting in measurable water savings.

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