Ready Athens-Clarke

What is Ready Athens-Clarke?

Ready Athens-Clarke is a countywide campaign by the Athens-Clarke County Office of Emergency Management that motivates citizens to take action to prepare for a disaster. ACC OEM is a county agency that is responsible for coordinating emergency preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery when a disaster strikes.

The Ready Athens-Clarke campaign provides a local dimension to Ready Georgia, a broader statewide campaign that focuses on educating citizens so they are better prepared for disasters. The Georgia campaign is supported by Governor Nathan Deal, the Ad Council, The Home Depot and volunteer organizations, and it seeks to coordinate a cohesive statewide program and a call to action regarding emergency preparedness.

Goal of Ready Athens-Clarke

Ready Athens-Clarke targets all county residents in an effort to educate and engage them in the preparedness process. Research indicates that as many as 87 percent of Georgians are not adequately prepared to react to a disaster, with 36 percent claiming they would be completely unprepared in the wake of a disaster. In addition, a recent survey shows that Georgians who are familiar with the Ready campaign are twice as likely to be prepared.

By informing residents about the need for stockpiling necessary supplies and developing communications plans, the campaign seeks to prepared citizens to maintain self-sufficiency for at least 72 hours following an emergency, such as a tornado, flood or terrorist attack.

Ready Athens-Clarke Campaign Messages

Prepare – Create a Ready kit by purchasing items outlined in the Ready Checklist. Items are inexpensive and readily available at local home stores.

Plan – Create a disaster preparedness plan that includes specific information about how you expect to reconnect with loved ones, evacuate or reach

safety. Periodically conduct activities so that a plan will be in place during different types of emergencies.

Stay Informed – Be informed about the different types of emergencies that could occur and appropriate responses.

Ready Athens-Clarke Campaign Elements

Ready Athens-Clarke targets all county residents. Information is disseminated through the following channels:

• ACC Office of Emergency Management website (/ema)

• Local events and speaking engagements

• Public awareness media messaging

• Community preparedness classes/seminars

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