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Board of Elections
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Clerk of Courtsfacebook icon    
Cooperative Extension (Agriculture & Natural Resources)facebook icontwitter icon   
Economic Development Department
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Fire Department
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Green Schoolsfacebook icon
Leisure Services Departmentfacebook icon
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Leisure Services - Athens Creative Theatre
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Leisure Services - Bear Hollow Zoo
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Leisure Services - East Athens Educational Dance Centerfacebook icon youtube icon
Leisure Services - Greenways & Riverside Parks
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Leisure Services - Lay Community Center & Park
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Leisure Services - Lyndon House Arts Center
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Leisure Services - Memorial Parkfacebook icon    
Leisure Services - Morton Theatre
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Leisure Services - Rocksprings Community Centerfacebook icon

Leisure Services - Sandy Creek Nature Center
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Leisure Services - Sandy Creek Park & Lake Chapman
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Leisure Services - Tennis Center
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Leisure Services - Youth Sportsfacebook icon    
Police Departmentfacebook icontwitter iconyoutube icon   Nextdoor-Social-Button-mouseover
Public Utilities - Lily Anne Phibian (Water Conservation Mascot)facebook icon
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Public Utilities - Water Conservation Officefacebook icontwitter icon    Nextdoor-Social-Button-mouseover
Sheriff's Officefacebook icon youtube icon  
Solid Waste - Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautifulfacebook icontwitter iconyoutube icon Instagram-Social-Button-mouseover  Nextdoor-Social-Button-mouseover
Solid Waste - Recycling Divisionfacebook icontwitter iconyoutube icon  
Transportation & Public Works - Stormwaterfacebook icon    Instagram-Social-Button-mouseover