Memorial Park Master Plan

The Memorial Park Master Planning Process will guide the future development of the park. This vision process is taking place in three steps.

Step one was a set of workshops that allowed park stakeholders to participate in a “dotmocracy” exercise which guided staff as to which elements of the park people enjoy, what parts need some work, and even what areas of the park no longer function or are necessary. The information gathered from this exercise informed the next step of the process, concept development.

For step two, Park Planning staff developed a series of three conceptual diagrams for the park based on the stakeholder information from the initial workshops. Each concept had different ways of changing circulation, layout, and functions of the park. We received public input on these concepts through a survey that allowed people to rank the elements of each plan. Staff synthesized the results into a final vision plan and document that represents the most highly ranked and feasible options for moving the park forward.

Step three was a public review of the master plan document and final concept. Staff hosted open house sessions and gathered comments online. Staff finalized the document based on those comments and is now moving the document forward through the Mayor and Commission agenda cycle for approval.

Status: May Vote
Target Completion Date: Spring 2018
Location: 293 Gran Ellen Drive

Please call Park Planning at 706-613-3801 or email us at  if you have additional questions.

Memorial Draft document front page
Draft plan

Draft Memorial Park Master Plan

Draft Memorial Park Concept

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