Boot Camp Classes at East Athens Community Center

Its time to get fit at EACC. We are offering a evening workout class that uses circuit training and intervals that provides a challenging but fun workout to help improve your heart and muscular health! Each workout is open to all fitness levels and can be modified to fit your current health journey! Bring your towel, water and a positive attitude as we sweat it out at East Athens!

Certified instructor, Jordon Morales, will help you transform your fitness.

There are three options for this class. The first option is $5 per class which totals $40 for 8 classes. The next option is to purchase four classes for a prorated price of $18.00. The third option is to sign up for all eight classes which will have a prorated price of $30.00 for buying a package of 8 classes.

Ages: 18 and older

Date: Wednesdays, September 6 - October 25, 2017

Time: 7:00 - 8:00 p.m.


$5 per class  Register online for this option

4 class block: $18  Register online for this option

8 class block: $30  Register online for this option

Location:  East Athens Community Center, 706-613-3593

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