Sidewalk Construction Projects

Sidewalk Gap Program - Spring/Summer 2019

This project includes the design and construction of two segments of gap sidewalks on Baxter Street and Southview Drive. Sol Construction was awarded the contract for this project which will include update and addition to existing sidewalks, accessibility ramps, and traffic signals.

Construction on Baxter Street @ N. Milledge Avenue began on May 13th with the removal of trees and shrubbery. Traffic control along Baxter Street will be in place for the duration of the project. The contractor will focus their workforce on Baxter in order to complete the project while UGA and Clarke Central are on summer break.

The contractor has begun survey work on Southview Drive for project limits, new hydrant locations, strain pole locations and traffic signal box. ACC Public Utilities will also be onsite for the relocation of fire hydrants.

6-3-19 UPDATE: On Baxter Street @ N. Milledge, the contractor began forming the retaining wall and poured 28 cubic yards of concrete.

6-24-19 UPDATE: On Baxter Street @ N. Milledge, over the next 2 weeks, the contractor will install bricks on the retaining wall, and begin working on the granite steps and sidewalks.

On Southview Drive, the contractor is projected to begin removing trees on 7/8/19.

7-12-19 UPDATE: The brick retaining wall was completed this week, and sidewalk concrete was poured. Next week, fencing and traffic signage will be installed.

On Southview Drive, the contractor began erosion control and tree removal. 

7-26-19 UPDATE: On Baxter Street, the contractor will pour asphalt and complete the curb & gutter next week. They will also finish sodding and installing the picket fence.

On Southview Drive, they will finish installing a wall and header curb. they are working closely with the utility companies to complete fire hydrant relocation, and sewage line casing.

Baxter Street Sidewalk Gap
Southview Dr Sidewalk Gap

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