Barnett Shoals Road Lane Reconfiguration

Updated 9.19.2018: Transportation & Public Works is hosting a public meeting on Monday, September 24, 2018 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. at Fire Station #7, 2350 S. Barnett Shoals Rd. Calendar item

On September 13, 2018, Transportation & Public Works began a temporary lane reconfiguration on Barnett Shoals between Forest Road and Whitehall Road for approximately 30 days as approved by the Mayor and Commission on September 5, 2018.

Temporary paint and vertical panels were installed to make the required traffic control changes. Based on traffic observations, Transportation & Public Works will submit an agenda item to the Mayor and Commission in the September / October agenda cycle to either make the change permanent or return the lane reconfigurations to prior conditions through the resurfacing project.

Online comments will be taken on the reconfiguration through Tuesday, September 25. 

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  1. On March 6, 2018, the Mayor & Commission (M&C) approved a list of roadways for the 2018 Pavement Maintenance Project. In the associated agenda report, staff committed to completing a road diet analysis on Barnett Shoals Road between Gaines School Road and Whitehall Road.
  2. On January 26, 2018, Transportation & Public Works (T&PW) staff issued a Notice to Proceed to Toole Design Group to evaluate lane reconfiguration on Barnett Shoals Road.
  3. On June 12, 2018, T&PW staff presented a proposed Barnett Shoals Road lane reconfiguration at a scheduled Work Session.
  4. On July 12, 2018, T&PW staff hosted a public forum to solicit comments on the proposed lane reconfiguration to Barnett Shoals Road between Forest Road and Whitehall Road. 


  1. Between Gaines School Road and Whitehall Road, Barnett Shoals Road is a four-lane roadway classified as an urban minor arterial with a typical width of 42 feet.
  2. Barnett Shoals Road is scheduled to be resurfaced in 2018 between Lexington Road and Security Circle through the 2018 Pavement Maintenance Project.
  3. Staff initiated a bicycle facilities study to evaluate the possibility of lane reconfiguration to improve bicycle connectivity on Barnett Shoals Road.
  4. The bicycle facilities study determined that lane reconfiguration between Whitehall Road and Forest Road would improve bicycle connectivity in the area without significant impact to traffic operations.
  5. The lane reconfiguration, as shown in this document, consists of the following:
    • South of Cedar Rock Trace, merge from two to one northbound lane
    • Between Cedar Rock Trace and College Station Road, a three-lane roadway with a northbound lane, southbound lane, two-way center turn lane, and two-way protected bicycle lanes.
    • Between College Station Road and Forest Road, transition from the southern three-lane section with two-way protected bicycle lanes to the northern five-lane section
  6. To facilitate the reconfiguration and create a more logical termini, T&PW staff recommend extending the southern limit of Barnett Shoals Road resurfacing from Security Circle to Whitehall Road.
  7. Staff evaluated an alternate proposal of replacing the existing Barnett Shoals sidewalk with a 10’ multi-use path between College Station Road and Whitehall Road:
    • West side of Barnett Shoals Road: Costs would be approximately $466,000 including $336,000 in construction, $40,000 in design, and $90,000 in right of way. The advantage of this alignment is that there are fewer parcels and the crossings could take place at the signalized intersections.
    • East side of Barnett Shoals Road: Costs would be approximately $396,000 including $264,000 in construction, $32,000 in design, and $100,000 in right of way. The advantage of this alignment is that a crossing is not required by the residents on the east side of Barnett Shoals Road.
  8. Because installation of a multi-use path would require a separate project delivery process, T&PW recommends that bicycle facilities be provided to this section of Barnett Shoals either through the proposed resurfacing lane reconfigurations or as prioritized in the forthcoming Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan which will be presented to M&C during the September / October agenda cycle.

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