48: ACC Recycling Creative Reuse Space and Facility Relocation

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The current Athens-Clarke County Recovered Material Processing Facility (RMPF) for Athens-Clarke County at 699 Hancock Industrial Way.  The facility is nearly 25 years old, 22,000 square feet on just over 5 acres and owned by Athens-Clarke County.  This project is contingent on the successful completion of proposed Project #49, New Recovered Material Processing Facility (RMPF), as this project is a renovation to the building currently housing the RMPF. If project 49 is not approved, this project will not move forward.

 This project would allow Solid Waste Department to move support infrastructure for several existing, successful programs to the existing RMPF building adjacent to the SW Administration building on Hancock Industrial Way, and launch new programming aimed at achieving the Department's solid waste reduction goals.   A separate SW SPLOST 2020 application (49 - New Recovered Material Processing Facility) would construct a new recycling processing facility at the current landfill.  

SPLOST funding for this project will go toward renovating the building, currently housing the  Recovered Materials Processing Facility at 699 Hancock Industrial Way, and providing the equipment needed for the new purposes.

Support for existing programs is currently quartered at 1005 College Avenue, an 11,000-square foot facility. This property is likely to be sold for private development; moving operations would alleviate uncertainty surrounding this site. Programming currently supported at this location includes:

A.         Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM)

B.         Teacher Reuse Store

C.         Special event collection (Bulky Waste, tire amnesty collection, Chipper Christmas tree collection)

D.         Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful Toolshed

In addition to these programs relocating, staff will launch a Creative Reuse Space, seeking to connect people with seemingly unwanted scrap. A creative reuse program establishes a formal system for strengthening community interaction and creativity, promoting environmental and economic sustainability, and reducing waste to the landfill by breathing new life into items otherwise destined for the landfill.

Staff has identified large amounts of discarded material capable of continued function with minimal cost or effort. Athens needs a location where this material can be directed, sorted, processed (dismantled and aggregated or repaired) and sold or donated.

The space at the existing RMPF fits this need. Approximately half of this space would be devoted to CHaRM and Teacher Reuse Store activity. The balance would house KACCB's Toolshed and the new Creative Reuse Space.

The concept of creative reuse as part of an integrated approach to waste reduction is not new, or unique to Athens. However, Athens is well suited for such a program, for two major reasons:

1)         Athens has a transient population, largely due to the University of Georgia (approx. 35,000 students), and

2)         Athens is a progressive community and innovative waste reduction programs have historically been popular.

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