12: New Corrections Facility

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The Athens-Clarke County Department of Corrections requests funding for a new facility to replace the current Corrections Institution located at 2825 County Farm Road using available property already assigned to the Department. The new facility will increase the offender population from 120 beds to 224 beds with the potential to continue to increase. New and existing space will be used to provide enhanced education and work training to assist offenders in more successfully reentering and contributing to society. The increased population will be able to contribute to various projects throughout the county to gain work experiences as part of their rehabilitation. Improved office and staff training spaces will be used to more effectively deliver services to the offenders. A new structure will help reduce the increasing costs to maintain and repair the current facility, as renovation estimates are approximately 80% of the cost of a new facility, without considering the cost offset of the additional offender population's work force contributions. The new facility will be compliant with American's with Disabilities Act standards and American Correctional Association standards. The new facility will also be safer utilizing new technologies, such as computer and internet accessibility, and designed to uphold Prison Rape Elimination Act standards. The building will be Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design compliant to reduce the Department's impact on the environment, while educating offenders about additional work opportunities in conservation and sustainability.

The current facility could be repurposed for education space and would not require the same type of maintenance, since it would not be in use 24/7. A renovation of more than 50% of the floor area of the current housing area would require the entire building to comply with ACCGOVs green building policy. While the facility would not be operated 24/7 it would still be renovated to the new energy and safety standards. Additionally, it would still need to be maintained for on-going uses as described elsewhere in the proposal document. The Renovation of the existing spaces is approximately $3 million of the overall budget.

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