81: The Classic Center Arena

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The Classic Center Arena:
Add a 6000 seat indoor arena to host family shows, expand our music capacity, and drive economic impact through sports competitions and conventions creating attractions, employment and economic impact for our residents.

The expansion is to include a 180,000-square-foot new Arena with the necessary industry standard service needs such as utility connections, sound/lighting systems, an ice floor, retractable seating for an expanded floor, acoustical treatments, catering facilities, locker rooms and office space sufficient to support such an expansion. The newly expanded space must include ease of entries/exits for crowd ingress and egress of up to 7,500 guests. The expanded space must include concourse and hallways to facilitate ease of movement of people and equipment between existing portions of the facility and the new Arena. Facility will require the latest in acoustics, technology, suites and sponsor/VIP club spaces in order for the facility to meet its financial objectives.

The facility will require an additional 300 parking spaces attached to or in close proximity of the facility.  

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
Estimated Annual Operating Impact

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