29: Industrial & Commercial Product Development

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This project will provide funds for public infrastructure in support of economic development and expansion. 

Public infrastructure and right-of-way development programming includes, but is not limited to, stormwater management, utilities, wireless/fiber infrastructure improvements, bridges, roads, streets, railroad construction and improvements, parks and multimodal and multi-use paths (bicycle paths). This project would include the acquisition of Rights of Way and/or Easements for the public infrastructure, design, and construction of the infrastructure. For land acquired by Athens-Clarke County for the project’s public infrastructure, the program would include site evaluations including, but not limited to, evaluating and documenting zoning and permitted uses, existing improvements, utilities, easements, restrictive development covenants or deed restrictions, possible liens, title chains, ALTA and topographic surveys, streams, wetlands, cultural resources, and geotechnical investigations and testing only on land acquired through this project for public infrastructure.

Estimated Cost:  
SPLOST 2020 Budget
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