85: Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety on Agriculture and Brooks Dr.

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This proposal seeks to improve bicycle and pedestrian (b&p) access from ACC onto the UGA south campus. There are relatively few good entry points to campus on bicycle, and the busy stretch from Agriculture Dr. to Brooks Dr. is particularly dangerous for b&p access. The traffic with regular buses in both directions leaves no room for bicycles. The single sidewalk on Agriculture Dr. is too narrow and often has no curb and is even lower than the street. There are steep hills on both sides, and during rush hour, traffic gets backed up waiting for bicycles to ride up or cars pass too closely to the bike or dangerously in the oncoming lane of traffic. When walking, cars and buses pass very closely to the sidewalk, and side mirrors often are threats to pedestrians. Buses traveling at 30 MPH create a strong wind that can almost knock over a pedestrian who might be less than one foot away. At night there is no adequate pedestrian lighting on this busy street.

There is not enough room for two lanes of car and bus traffic with safe access for bicycles and pedestrians. Simple modifications could be made to improve this important access point to UGA. There are several potential solutions, including widening the road to allow safe access for all modes of transportation or keeping the same width and limiting traffic to one-way traffic to allow for bicycles and pedestrians to safely use this corridor. Perhaps other solutions are possible. The first step should be a careful study to evaluate all good options. The cost estimate included in this application assumes widening the road, but this is the most expensive option and may not be the best. Making traffic one-way is about half the cost of widening the road and would have several advantages with no new R/W, including room for separated two-way bicycle lanes, safe sidewalks on both sides of the streets, and pull-outs for bus stops.

One-way traffic could also greatly improve the safety and accessibility of College Station between Agriculture and East Campus. This road is very congested and has no dedicated bicycle lanes. Drivers often use the entire middle lane, causing great danger to bicycles and pedestrians. There is no mid-block cross walk, and many UGA students and their children need to cross for a popular bus stop. If this block had one-way traffic that flowed in the same direction as Brooks/Agriculture, dedicated bicycle lanes, a bus pullout, and mid-block crosswalks could be more safely added and use.

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