Support Services Division

Commanding Officer

The Support Services Division is headed by Captain Mike Hunsinger and operates as two separate and distinct sections.

Records & Data Entry

The division has a Records / Data Entry Section managed by Sergeant James Carter. Robin Patton is the quality control supervisor. The function of the Records Section is to maintain all current and historical police department files related to crime and traffic. These employees also handle all our walk-in customers, as well as our switchboard.

The Data Entry Section, in parallel with the Records Section, is responsible for the prompt and accurate entry of all reports generated by the department. Currently we are averaging 50,000 documents a year for processing. Their work is vital to the mission of the Police Department. Information is the key to prevention, deterrence, and investigations.

Computer Services

The division is also staffed by a computer service coordinator. This person is responsible for maintaining our LAN and communications between our LAN and our IBM mainframe computer. This position is critical to maintaining the computer systems and components necessary for us to effectively serve the public.

A quality control supervisor manages the computer service coordinator and the Records / Data Entry Section. The quality control supervisor must coordinate all the information activities and keep the various systems running in sync with each other. If one system fails, the entire division must quickly resort back to a paper system. It is important to all three divisions that the quality control supervisor keeps all systems running smoothly.

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