Sub-Project 3: Spring Valley Road to ACC Line

In combination with SPLOST 2011 Project 8 Sub-Project 3, Spring Valley Road to ACC Line construction budget will be funded through the TSPLOST portion of this project. 

Project Details

This Sub-Project includes the necessary land acquisition efforts, as funding allows, from Spring Valley Road through Winterville to the Athens-Clarke County line. The Project Concept for Sub-Project #3 was approved by M&C on July 5, 2016. Parcels near and adjacent to Ranick Road and Spring Valley Road have been approved.

Project Updates

Preliminary land acquisition tasks for this sub-project are underway. Public meetings were held in October to inform property owners of coming survey for new trail.

For the Winterville Trail Section, funded by TSPLOST, M&C approved the construction contract on July 2, 2019. Construction is     anticipated to begin in October 2019.

*as of 11/15/2019