Service Fees

Open Records Requests

Copy of audio tape $15
Copy of photograph $5
Copy of video tape $20
Copy of reports, etc. (per printed page) $0.25
Open Records processing fees Actual cost

Service Fees

Accident reports - private roadway $24
Accident reports - public roadway $3
Expungements** (includes criminal history report) $50
Fax / mail request for incident or accident report (not including price of report) $3
Fingerprints* $12
Fingerprints for alcohol licenses* (includes $24 Georgia Bureau of Investigation fee) $56.75
Good conduct letter $25
Incident reports $3
Records check (GCIC criminal history) $20
Taxi cab business applications (fees are per individual on the application) $25
Taxi cab replacement or transfer of permit $15
Taxi cab safety inspections $25
Taxi driver license / renewal $30
VIN Verification $15
Wrecker service permit (per application) $50

* NOTICE: The Athens-Clarke County Police West Precinct Customer Service Window will close for lunch generally from 12:00 noon until 1:00 pm each business (Monday - Friday) day. Please note that the lunch closure hours may change depending on conditions beyond our control.
Copies of Police Incident Reports can be purchased at the East Precinct from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm each business day.

** You must have your incident report and court disposition when you submit your request.

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