Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience


On view: September 8.2020

Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience is a community project that began in the spring of 2018. Project Director Christina Foard developed Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience as an offshoot of a 2010 project in Jacksonville, FL entitled, Imagination Squared! Initially, Foard approached UGA’s Odum School of Ecology about funding for a social visual arts project around the intersections of ecological, personal, and community resilience. Once the website was complete and square wooden panels purchased and distributed, the project grew to over 800 participants, including UGA undergraduate and graduate students, staff and faculty, students from Clarke County School District, Oconee County School District, and private schools, as well as community members in the Athens area. Stories of personal resilience are expressed in many different forms on the 5” squares, with visual symbols of hardships, growth, hope and acceptance. Participants have reacted with a variety of media to the theme of resiliency. Many have drawn or painted on the squares. Others have created dioramas on the interior of the square, or turned the squares into sculptures. Participants had the option to upload sounds as well. The audio can be heard online HERE. The Lyndon House Arts Center will feature Stories of Resilience from the Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience project in the Lower Atrium, opening September 8. Digital and audio contributions to the project will continue to be accepted online at

Pictured above: Left: Kelsey Broich Right: Mac Ballentine