How much does the event cost?

Park admission for the Above Athens Balloon Festival is $5 per vehicle.  The Sandy Creek Park Annual Permit can not be used for admission to the festival event.  This is a CASH ONLY event. Tethered balloon rides cost $10 per person, CASH ONLY.  Children's activities are free of charge.  There are opportunities to purchase items from food trucks and business vendors.

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1. How much does the event cost?
2. May I bring my pet to the Above Athens Balloon Festival?
3. How many balloons will there be?
4. How close can I get to the balloons?
5. What else is happening at the festival other than hot air balloons?
6. Is alcohol allowed?
7. May I bring my own food?
8. What is a tethered balloon ride?
9. Who can fly in a tethered balloon?
10. When can we tether?
11. How high will we fly?
12. How many people can ride in the balloon?
13. About Tethered Rides...
14. What is a hot air balloon made of?
15. How do hot air balloons work?
16. How large are hot air balloons?
17. Are blankets and lawn chairs allowed?
18. What are the best conditions for flight in a balloon?
19. Who can fly a balloon?
20. How is the balloon inflated?
21. What kind of fuel is used for the burners?
22. What is a balloon glow?