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Athens Cultural Affairs Commission

  1. Artist-Designed Bus Shelter Public Art Project Proposal Form

    The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission, an appointed Commission by the Mayor and Commission of the Athens-Clarke County Unified... More…

  2. Clayton Street Public Art Project Proposal Form

    The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission (ACAC) invites professional artists to submit a resume and portfolio to be considered for the... More…

  1. Bus Shelter Artist-Designed Panels Public Art Project Proposal Form

    The Athens Cultural Affairs Commission (ACAC) invites artists (or teams) to submit a design for bus shelter art that will be fabricated... More…

Clerk of Commission

  1. Agenda Comment Form

    This form can be used to comment on items under consideration by the Mayor & Commission.

Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful

  1. Adopt-A-Highway Litter Pickup Submission

    Use this form to report Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful Adopt-a-highway and Down and Dirty Cleanups. Be sure to fill out all fields... More…

  2. Beautiful Business of the Month Nominations
  3. Existing Garden Submission
  4. Invasive Plant Removal Workday Report

    Use this form to report Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful Adopt-a-highway and Down and Dirty Cleanups. Be sure to fill out all fields... More…

  5. KACCB Green School Grant Application

    Grant for Green Schools for support of Green School Activities.

  6. Litter Hotline Report
  7. Master Composter/Gardener Requests for Schools

    Schools needing a Master Gardener or Composter to help lead volunteers, consult on gardens or compost, or provide a presentation for a... More…

  8. School Garden Workday

    Let us know what kind of help you need in your school garden and we will add your opportunity to our volunteer listings.

  1. Adopt-A-Highway Supply Sign Out

    Use this form to request litter the loan of grab its, vests, and garbage bags for cleanup projects.

  2. Down and Dirty Request
  3. Invasive Plant Removal Tool Kit Sign Out

    Use this form to request invasive plant removal tool kits.

  4. KACCB Board Application
  5. Keepin' It Clean Citizen Award Application

    Keep Athens-Clarke County Beautiful recognizes citizens that are leaders in beautifying our community. Citizens may nominate a... More…

  6. Litter Index
  7. School Garden Donation Submission
  8. Spot Check!

    Have you noticed an area that is especially littered or especially litter free? Let KACCB know about areas that could benefit from a... More…

Leisure Services

  1. Bear Hollow Zoo Field Trip Registration Form

    Bear Hollow Zoo offers several field trips options. Self-guided tours are offered Mondays and Tuesdays. Picnic shelters are available... More…

  2. Special Event Application - Lesiure Services Dept.

    Application to be completed by organizers who wish to hold a special event in Athens-Clarke County Leisure Services' parks and... More…

  1. Program Submissions

    Requesting permission for program submissions into online registration.

Leisure Services - Lyndon House

  1. 43rd Juried Exhibition Survey

    Artists that submitted work to the 43rd Juried Exhibition are invited to provide feedback on the experience.

  2. Exhibition Proposal Form

    Form for proposing potential exhibits at the Lyndon House Arts Center.

  1. Athens Metal Arts Guild Submission Form 2018

Leisure Services Volunteers

  1. Volunteer Opportunity: Custom

    A Custom Event requires the same amount of information as a Normal Event, however, it allows you to also add custom fields that are... More…

  2. Volunteer Opportunity: Service Project

    Service Projects are used to track and manage volunteer service hours for specific projects/programs that are on-going and not... More…

  1. Volunteer Opportunity: Normal

    For normal events, all volunteers start and end at the same time and everyone has the same job to do. Normal Events will be posted... More…

  2. Volunteer Opportunity: Time Slots

    Time slots are perfect for volunteer opportunities that require people to sign up for different shifts. These shifts can be at... More…

Open Records Requests

  1. Open Records Request

    This form is available to citizens who wish to make an open records request.


  1. Submit a Question
  1. Visioning Meeting Request Form

    Use this form to request a Plans Review Visioning Meeting with ACC staff.


  1. ACCPD Commendation Form

    Use this form to submit a commendation to the Office of the Chief of Police

  2. ACCPD Explorer Post Interest Form

    The purpose of Law Enforcement Exploring is to provide young adults who may be interested in a career in law enforcement with a... More…

  3. Business Emergency Contact Information
  4. Gang Intelligence Form

    Use this form to document suspected criminal street gang members / associates.

  5. Volunteer Program Application
  1. ACCPD Complaint Form

    Use this form to submit a complaint to the Office of Professional Standards for investigation

  2. ACCPD Strategic Response Team Application

    SRT Application

  3. Camera Registration
  4. Policies and Procedures Feedback

    Leave feedback for our updated policies and procedures.

Public Information Office

  1. Biographical Information

    Form for elected officials, department directors, and others to submit biographical information to the Public Information Office for... More…

  2. Film Project Information Form

    This form should be used by production companies or individuals to provide the Public Information Office / Camera Ready Liaison with... More…

  1. Film Location Submission Form

    Submit potential buildings, homes, or other locations for consideration as a potential filming location.

  2. Film/Voiceover Talent Consideration Form

    For those interested in being considered for film or voiceover projects created by the Athens-Clarke County Public Information Office.

Public Utilities

  1. ACCPU Map Request Form
  2. Backflow Test Form - test
  3. Certified Blue Application Form

    This form is the starting point for businesses interested in becoming Certified Blue

  4. Facility/Tour Evaluation for ACC Water Conservation Office

    Fill out this form if you visited the drinking water treatment plant, water reclamation facility, or Bobby Snipes Water Resources... More…

  5. Public Tour of the Middle Oconee WRF - Be a Sewer Hero!

    Athens needs a Sewer Hero! Let it be you! Come discover where the water you flush goes before we put it back into the river. It is... More…

  6. Public Utilities Facility Tour
  7. Schedule a Program
  8. Water Drop Box Reservation

    Reserve a themed Water Drop Box for your classroom. *Loan periods are for two school weeks. *We will do our best to deliver your... More…

  1. Application for Athens-Clarke County Grease Transporters

    Athens-Clarke County requires commercial food service establishments use a registered Commercial Waster Transporter. To be included as... More…

  2. Calendar and Listserv sign up

    Alerts save water to add the person to calendar and listserv

  3. Classroom Visit Evaluation for ACC Water Conservation Office

    Fill out this form if the ACC Water Conservation Office brought a water education program to your location.

  4. Online Water Waste Report
  5. Public Tour of the North Oconee Water Reclamation Facility
  6. Quarterly Tour of Public Utilities Facility: Celebrate World Toilet Day! You are signing up for a public tour of the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility

    Celebrate World Toilet Day! You are signing up for a public tour of the Cedar Creek Water Reclamation Facility on Thursday, November... More…

  7. Water Conservation Programs

Solid Waste

  1. 2019 GreenFest - Individual Waste Reduction Award Nomination Form

    Please complete this nomination form by Wednesday March 6th at 5pm. The 2019 GreenFest date and time TBA.

  2. ACC Solid Waste Facility Tour Request (Recycling, Landfill + Compost, CHaRM)

    This form is for individuals, schools and/or groups and organizations to request tours of the Recycling Facility, Landfill and/or... More…

  3. CHaRM Special Request & Commercial Disposal Form

    At the Center for Hard to Recycle Materials (CHaRM), we consider requests for use of special items (usually by schools or non-profits)... More…

  4. Landfill Odor Complaint Form
  5. Zero Waste Event - Reuse & Recycling

    Athens-Clarke County Recycling Division encourages you to make your event Zero Waste! We are glad to supply you with the tools you need... More…

  1. ACC Solid Waste Facility Tour Evaluation

    After taking one of our facility tours, please complete the following form in order to provide us with valuable feedback. This is... More…

  2. Athens-Clarke County Solid Waste Department Commercial Recycling Plan Form

    Athens-Clarke County requires owners of all commercial properties to have a plan showing compliance with the recycling ordinance (Sec.... More…

  3. Commercial Curbside Application for Solid Waste Services - Downtown

    Online application for commercial curbside garbage and recycling collection services in the downtown central business district.

  4. Waste Minimization Fee Quarterly Reporting Form

Stormwater Management

  1. ACC Stormwater Utility Fee Survey

    Athens-Clarke County is conducting a comprehensive review of its Stormwater Utility Fee. This survey is meant to gather feedback from... More…

  2. General Feedback Form

    A general form for citizens to ask questions and provide feedback

  1. Change of Ownership
  2. Stream Clean Up Site Nomination Form

    Do you know of a stream in Athens-Clarke County that is looking a little littered? Nominate the site for a stream clean up by... More…

Tax Commissioner - Tag Office

  1. Online Tag Cancellation

    Use this form to cancel your car tag online.


  1. Athens Transit Contact Form

    Contact Athens Transit