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1. What is single stream recycling?
2. How and where can I recycle plastic bags?
3. I thought shredded paper was recyclable. Why not?
4. Batteries and light bulbs: where I can recycle them?
5. Can I recycle my pizza boxes?
6. When will my recyclables be collected?
7. Your signs say ‘no plastic bags’; can I put my recyclables in a bag?
8. My roll-cart is full and I I have more recyclables. What do I do?
9. Can I recycle paper cups?
10. Is single stream recycling available throughout all of Clarke County?
11. Plastics are confusing, which ones can I recycle?
12. Can plastic caps and lids be left on containers for recycling?
13. What is a Pay-As-You-Throw garbage collection system?
14. Can I recycle my dog food bag?
15. What is the Waste Minimization Fee?